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About Obsession

Writer/Producer Laurence Williams first wrote the screenplay for Obsession back in 2014 but could never quite put his vision on paper.  Brought back to life in late 2017 and following another nine months of writing Obsession is now about to become a reality.


As a kid Laurence was himself obsessed with Martial Arts and spent many years practising the art, this along with his following and admiration of the master "Bruce Lee" inspired him many years later to write this story.


Obsession will show what it's really like to be in the ring with trained hard hitting Fighters, when one of these guys hits you .. you stay hit. 


A movie with a lot of surprises, violence, hate, anger,  love and determination to be the best.


Filming 2019

Location - London UK


Original storyline and script by

Laurence Williams

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