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Amber Washington is a teen pop star on the rise whose music connects with fans in ways never before seen. But unknown to the public and even those closest to Amber, an internal psychological conflict threatens her burgeoning celebrity. Amber is haunted by memories of a troubled childhood spent as the verbal and physical target of bullies. 


Unwilling to publicly confront the past, Amber focuses on inspiring her fans and advancing her career. As the spotlight shines brighter, demand for greater insight into her personal life intensifies. Members of the media fixate on Amber’s childhood, suspected to be the motivation behind her lyrics. Mounting pressure eventually triggers flashbacks of life before fame, revealing the true source of Amber’s “musical inspiration” and exposing her deep-rooted insecurities. 


Suppressing the painful memories, Amber embarks on tour, inviting her long-time crush, Pete Walker, to be the opening act. A star in his own right, Pete relies more on his bad boy image and manufactured headlines than his musical ability to remain relevant. Pete’s manager, Dave, supports the idea believing it will help Pete to align himself with Amber’s squeaky-clean image. Dave embodies every negative trait associated with agents in the entertainment business. He is even willing to sabotage others for the sake of his own clients. Thankfully, Amber’s inner circle, particularly her parents and manager, Julie, have always sought to guide the teen star beyond the countless traps and temptations of “the industry.”  Yet, Amber’s own insecurities remain her biggest distraction. 

While on tour, Amber grows particularly fond of Emily, a young fan who draws inspiration from Amber’s music and even attributes it to saving her life…a revelation that only complicates Amber’s internal struggle. Publicly confronting the source of her anxiety would free Amber of a tremendous personal burden while also helping her fans who struggle with their own bullying and mental health issues. But is Amber willing to unlock those demons, subjecting herself to a painful past that she has seemingly “beaten” with fame? 


Then one day, the answer becomes very clear. Amber receives word that Emily is in a coma, the victim of a violent bully. Rushing to her bedside, Amber now understands that revealing her story to the world is no longer a choice. It is a responsibility she has evaded for far too long. But is it too late for Emily… or will everyone find their voice?


A movie inspired by real life events

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